OAR 804-030-0000
Stamp of the Landscape Architect

(1) Every Registered Landscape Architect must obtain a stamp of the design approved by the Board. The stamp may be a crimp or rubber style hand stamp or a computer-generated (digital) stamp.
(2) The stamp shall be circular, approximately 1 58 inches in diameter, with the word REGISTERED over the top with a large dot at both ends of the word, and the words LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT around the bottom.
(3) The circular stamp must have space for the registrant’s signature to be written through the center of the stamp.
(4) The following must also be included in the center of the stamp:
(a) The registration number above the center signature space and below the word REGISTERED; and
(b) The following information below the signature space and above the words LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT:
(A) First, the name of the registrant below the center signature space;
(B) Second, the word OREGON below the registrant’s name; and
(C) Third, the initial date of registration below the word OREGON, as required by the Board.
(5) When stamping and signing final drafts of professional documents, the Registered Landscape Architect shall note the current registration expiration date either near the signature or directly underneath the stamp.
(6) Use of the stamp without signature by a Registered Landscape Architect is acceptable on preliminary documents.
(7) A Registered Landscape Architect is not required to stamp or sign the following types of documents:
(a) Documents that do not contain landscape architecture work, which could include but are not necessarily limited to project checklists, cost estimates, construction schedules, payment verifications, general correspondence, or advertising;
(b) Documents that reflect the installed, fabricated, constructed or commissioned condition of a product as provided by another party (i.e. manufacturer cut sheets) and that have not been modified by the Registered Landscape Architect prior to submittal to a client or government agency;
(c) Documents that are informative pieces prepared for general information such as but not limited to technical journal articles, conference papers, magazine articles, slide presentations, or brochures.
(8) A Registered Landscape Architect is responsible for the custody and proper use of the stamp. Improper use of the stamp, whether authorized or not by the Registered Landscape Architect, shall be grounds for disciplinary action or civil penalty by the Board.

Source: Rule 804-030-0000 — Stamp of the Landscape Architect, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=804-030-0000.

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