OAR 804-030-0003

(1) After a Registered Landscape Architect has stamped a final draft document, the Registered Landscape Architect shall sign in the designated space provided across the stamp.
(2) Sign or signature as used in ORS 671.379 (Stamps) means the following:
(a) An original, hand-written identification of a Registered Landscape Architect;
(b) An electronic scanned image of an original, hand-written identification of a Registered Landscape Architect; or
(c) A computer-generated (digital) representation of the Registered Landscape Architect’s hand-written signature that represents the act of putting the name on a document to attest to the document’s validity. For computer-generated (digital) documents stamped with a digital stamp, a digital signature is acceptable as allowed by ORS 84.001 (Short title) to ORS 84.061 (Federal electronic signatures law partially superseded).
(3) Signature must be:
(a) Permanently affixed to the document being certified;
(b) Placed across the stamp in the designated location;
(c) Unique to the registrant;
(d) Under the direct control of the registrant; and
(e) Verifiable.
(4) A registrant is responsible for the custody and proper use of a digital signature. Improper use, whether authorized or not by the Registered Landscape Architect, of a digital signature shall be grounds for disciplinary action or civil penalty by the Board.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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