OAR 811-010-0085
Applicant’s Guide


Applicants shall be examined according to ORS 684.050 (Examination) or 684.052 (Use of nationally administered test).


The Board shall provide a Applicant’s Guide, which contains all necessary examination information.


Fee and application requirements include the following:


The application fee must be received by the Board prior to applicant receiving approval to sit for the examinations.


Request for re-examination of the Ethics/Jurisprudence, Minor Surgery/Proctology and/or the Obstetrics/Gynecology examinations must be submitted directly to the national testing agency.


A complete set of fingerprints or LiveScan Transmittal Verification form and the criminal background check results obtained from any state or local law enforcement agency, or from any other agency approved by the Board. Applicants shall use forms or methods prescribed by the Board.


Applicant must pay to the Board the current actual cost of conducting the state and federal background check.


Documents to be submitted prior to approval to take the Oregon Specifics Examinations:


A completed official application including a recent photograph and fingerprints or LiveScan Transmittal Verification form;


Social Security Number Authorization form;


Evidence of the applicant’s good moral character on the letterhead stationary of, and signed by, a chiropractic physician;


A signed affidavit attesting to successful completion of at least two years of liberal arts and sciences study in an accredited college or university. Original transcripts must be provided if requested by the Board;


A transcript certified by the registrar, from an approved chiropractic college or university, including transcripts of coursework as required by OAR 811-020-0006 (Statement of Purpose). A transcript of grades is necessary from each chiropractic college or university attended; and


An official transcript of passing grades from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners on Part I, II, and III, and physiotherapy.


Documents and fee to be submitted prior to licensure include:


The initial license fee;


A diploma or other evidence of graduation certified by the registrar from an approved chiropractic college or university; and


An official transcript of passing grades from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Part IV.


All applicants must take and pass the Oregon Specifics Examination consisting of written examination in ethics and jurisprudence, obstetrics and gynecology, minor surgery and proctology. Applicants who have previously taken and passed obstetrics and gynecology, and/or minor surgery and proctology within the last five years from the date of application as received by the Board are not required to retake these tests. However, all applicants must take and pass the Ethics/Jurisprudence examination.


Oregon Specifics Examination Grades: The Board shall determine the passing scores. All examinations are designed to test minimal competency to protect the public.
(8) An applicant failing to achieve a passing grade as determined by the Board for the Ethics/Jurisprudence, Minor Surgery/Proctology, and/or the Obstetrics/Gynecology examination(s), must contact the national testing agency for re-examination of the failed section(s).
(9) If the applicant fails to re-test on at least one failed section within 13 months of the last examination, the file shall become inactive and the applicant must re-apply and take the entire examination.


An applicant attempting to give aid or accepting aid from another while examinations are in progress shall fail the examination and will not be allowed to take the examination for a period of five (5) years.




The application fee is non-refundable; and


The criminal background check fee is non-refundable.


The Board may reject applications for good cause, including evidence of unprofessional conduct.


Applicants who have completed all requirements for licensure, including passage of all required examinations, must submit the initial license fee to obtain license within one year from the date they completed all the requirements. An applicant’s initial license will be valid for a minimum of 180 days. However, if the applicant’s next birth date is within the 180 days, the initial license will be valid for an additional 12 months beyond the applicant’s birth date.
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