OAR 811-010-0095
Peer Review Committee


The Board shall appoint and form its Peer Review Committee (PRC) in accordance with ORS 684.185 (Peer review committees).




“Peer review” means the evaluation of the efficacy and appropriateness of healthcare services provided to a patient based on standards of care and skill and treatment recognized as being reasonable, prudent, and acceptable under similar conditions and circumstances by Oregon chiropractic physicians.
(b) The PRC is a committee of seven chiropractic physicians, licensed under ORS Chapter 684 (Chiropractors), who qualify under ORS 684.185 (Peer review committees)(2). The PRC may include non-voting alternate members appointed by the Board. Alternate members may participate in all capacities except for voting. The committee chair may appoint an alternate to temporarily replace an absent voting member. Four voting members present at any meeting shall constitute a quorum, and allow the PRC to carry out its business.


Review by the PRC will occur upon submission of a request for review by the Board.


The PRC may request an interview with any person, including the chiropractic physician being reviewed and, when appropriate, may request the opinion of other healthcare providers for reviews involving a particular area of practice or specialty.


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Any member of the PRC may withdraw from any review which presents a perceived or actual conflict of interest for that member. Any member who cannot be impartial may be withdrawn from participation by the committee chair or the Board.


The chiropractic physician being reviewed may protest the involvement of a specific committee member, or members, based on actual conflict(s) of interest as determined by the committee chair or the Board. This protest shall be included in the committee’s report.


The chiropractic physician being reviewed may be accompanied by legal counsel.


Failure to cooperate with, or appear before, the committee shall be reviewed by the Board and may result in disciplinary action.


The PRC shall consider all information submitted to it by the Board. The committee shall also consider any written and/or oral comments made by the chiropractic physician being reviewed, the involved patient, or other witnesses. The committee shall meet, complete the review, and submit a written report to the Board. This report should be adopted by a majority of the voting committee members. The report shall include a brief statement of the facts of the case, any violation of rules or statutes pertaining to the practice of chiropractic and/or any deviation from accepted standards, along with any additional comments which might assist the Board in taking appropriate action.


The members of the PRC shall be paid mileage and per diem as determined by the Board while performing their official duties.

Source: Rule 811-010-0095 — Peer Review Committee, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=811-010-0095.

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