OAR 813-007-0050
Approval of Statewide Nonprofit Trade Association Trainers


The department will designate the nonprofit trade associations that are approved to provide the required manufactured dwelling park continuing education class instruction. Instruction from a non-approved provider does not satisfy the continuing education requirements of this chapter.


The department will develop a nonprofit trade association manufactured dwelling park landlord trainer application for those associations that wish to be authorized to provide continuing education instruction. Associations pursuing authorization must submit the manufactured dwelling park landlord trainer application through the department website or by sending the application to:
Manufactured Communities Resource Center
Continuing Education Trainer Application
Oregon Housing and Community Services
725 Summer Street NE, Suite B
Salem, Oregon 97301
or other such address as the department may designate on its website.


The manufactured dwelling park landlord trainer application will require various information from the nonprofit trade association including but not limited to:


Current articles of incorporation for the organization, showing the organization is currently a statewide non-profit trade association.


Documentation demonstrating that the organization represents manufactured housing interests.


A copy of the outline or topic areas the organization anticipates it will be using for the training. Statute requires that at least half of the training cover ORS Chapters 90, and 105.105 (Entry to be lawful and peaceable only) to 105.168 (Minor as party in proceedings pertaining to residential dwellings), as well as fair housing and other related law.


A schedule of the anticipated training dates.


A plan for providing a record of certificates of completion to the department.


Documentation that demonstrates the organization’s qualifications to deliver training of this type, especially regarding issues related to manufactured housing and/or fair housing.


A plan to notify the training attendees of the limitation of liability contained in 2005 Oregon Laws chapter 619 section 3 (4).


The department will provide notification to nonprofit trade associations and respective trainers the department authorizes to provide manufactured dwelling park continuing education training. The notification will specify the duration of the authorization.


The department will monitor the nonprofit trade association to ensure compliance with the rules of 813-007.


Nonprofit trade associations approved to provide the training described in this chapter shall make records available to the department and shall allow department personnel to attend any of its training sessions at no cost in accordance with the monitoring outlined in 813-007-0050 (Approval of Statewide Nonprofit Trade Association Trainers)(5).


The department may revoke the authorization of an approved association at any time if in the department’s view an association is not fulfilling its training obligations, is providing false information on the application, or is no longer meeting the qualification criteria and requirements of this section. The department will provide notice of a prospective revocation including the reasons for the revocation. The department will provide an opportunity for the association to respond to the revocation notice.

Source: Rule 813-007-0050 — Approval of Statewide Nonprofit Trade Association Trainers, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=813-007-0050.

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