Property Rights

ORS 105.168
Minor as party in proceedings pertaining to residential dwellings

Notwithstanding ORCP 27 or any other provision of law, a minor, as defined in ORS 109.697 (Right to contract for dwelling unit and utilities without parental consent) and who is a tenant as defined under ORS 90.100 (Definitions), may appear as a party without appointment of a guardian or guardian ad litem in an action for forcible entry or wrongful detainer, under ORS 105.105 (Entry to be lawful and peaceable only) to 105.168 (Minor as party in proceedings pertaining to residential dwellings) regarding possession of a residential dwelling unit to which ORS chapter 90 applies, or in an action based upon a contract for a residential dwelling unit or for utility services provided to that unit. [1993 c.369 §31]


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