OAR 813-028-0050
Application Review


An application is subject to the Department’s approval, denial or modification, in whole or in part, and is also subject to review by the Housing Stability Council as appropriate.


When a funding award is in excess of an applicable threshold established by the Housing Stability Council and the Council’s review and approval are required under ORS 456.561 (Loans, grants and funding awards), the Council shall approve or disapprove the application at a public hearing pursuant to ORS 456.571 (Powers and duties of council).


When reviewing an application, in addition to any specific evaluation criteria, the Department or the Council, as appropriate, may consider the following matters:


The amount of available funds in the program;


The ability of the applicant to meet proposed terms of loan repayment, when funding is awarded as a loan;


The availability of other sources of assistance;


The applicant’s efforts to leverage public or private funds; and


Any other criteria that the Department or Council determines to be appropriate.


The Department or the Council at any time may request additional information with respect to an application or award at any time.


Approval or denial of an application under this rule is subject to the Department’s judgment as to which applications will best achieve the purposes of the program and will best meet applicable evaluation criteria in the program application forms and handbooks.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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