ORS 456.571
Powers and duties of council


The Oregon Housing Stability Council shall, with the advice of the Director of the Housing and Community Services Department, develop policies to:


Aid in stimulating and increasing the supply of housing for persons and families of lower income;


Address geographic and racial disparities; and


Ensure funds distributed by the Housing and Community Services Department contribute to addressing other state priorities.


The council shall make special effort to respond to both private and public actions that may raise the cost of the housing supply in the open market, as the open market is the source of housing for the preponderance of lower income households.


The council is responsible for studying and commenting upon, and advising the department, Governor, Legislative Assembly, other state agencies and local governments concerning, local, state and federal legislation or rules that affect the cost and supply of housing, both before and after the legislation and rules are enacted. For purposes of this subsection, “legislation or rules that affect the cost and supply of housing” includes but is not limited to legislation or rules that would:


Provide financing for the construction or rehabilitation of housing;


Subsidize new or existing housing costs for lower income households by income support, tax credit, or support service methods;


Regulate the division of land;


Regulate the use of land;


Regulate building construction standards;


Regulate fees and charges for inspection services, permits, or professional services related to housing;


Encourage alternatives that increase housing choices;


Create or avert overlapping jurisdictional functions and the concomitant increased costs that are reflected in housing prices;


Create or avoid conflicting state and federal regulations that deprive lower income households of assistance; and


Help or hinder compliance with the housing goals established by the Land Conservation and Development Commission under ORS 197.240 (Commission action).


The council, with the approval of the Governor, may initiate legal proceedings in the name of the council to further the council’s purposes under this section.


The council shall exercise the responsibilities and powers of the council in a manner that expedites the acquisition, construction, improvement or rehabilitation of housing.


With respect to the Community Development Incentive Project Fund established under ORS 458.720 (Community Development Incentive Project Fund), the council shall develop program guidelines, including specific project criteria and financing mechanisms, review applications seeking funding from the fund and make recommendations for funding approval to the director and review proposals for cooperative agreements or joint projects between the department and other state agencies to facilitate the goals of the fund.


The council, in conjunction with the Community Action Partnership of Oregon, shall advise and assist the department with rules, policies and programs regarding low income home energy assistance under ORS 458.515 (Oregon Housing Stability Council to advise and assist department regarding low income home energy assistance).


The council, in conjunction with the Community Action Partnership of Oregon, shall ensure the coordination of state agency homelessness relief efforts. [Formerly 456.600; 1989 c.307 §5; 1991 c.62 §2; 1991 c.739 §6; 1995 c.279 §1; 1999 c.1074 §2; 2005 c.74 §4; 2007 c.607 §13; 2015 c.180 §10]


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