OAR 813-051-0010

Terms used throughout this division (OAR 813-051) may be defined in Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) or in the OHCS General Definitions (OAR 813-005-0005 (General Definitions)). Terms used within this division observe those definitions, except as defined below:


“Eligible family household” or “Family household” means a low income household with an eligible dependent child or children, including a single pregnant woman in the month of her due date, living together as one economic unit.


“Homeless” means an individual, family or household that lacks a fixed, regular, and/or adequate nighttime residence in accordance with department categorical definitions. Categorical definitions are contained in the program manual.


“Homeless Management Information System” or “HMIS” is defined in 24 CFR 576.2.


“Household income” means the total household income from all sources before taxes. Specific sources and deductions are outlined in the HSP Manual.


“HSP” means the Housing Stabilization Program administered by OHCS pursuant to this division and other applicable law.


“HSP Manual” or “Program manual” means the Housing Stabilization Program Operations Manual, as described in OAR 813-051-0015 (Manuals).


“HSP requirements” means these administrative rules; all funding agreement terms and conditions; OHCS directives (including deficiency notices); the HSP Manual requirements; and applicable state, local, and federal laws and requirements.


“HSP services” means services as defined in OAR 813-051-0040 (Use of Funds) and the HSP Manual, which are eligible activities with HSP funding.


“Maintenance of effort” means Department of Human Services for the state of Oregon (DHS) allowable nonfederal cash and in-kind contributions used to supplement program services in an amount that equals the subgrantee agency’s program allocation as defined in the program manual and approved by the department.


“Unstably housed” means an individual or family who is at risk of losing their housing and does not otherwise qualify as homeless, has been notified to vacate their current residence or otherwise demonstrates a high risk of losing their current housing and lacks the resources or support networks to obtain other permanent housing.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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