OAR 813-051-0020

(1) OHCS may contract with subgrantees to provide eligible HSP services (see OAR 813-051-0040 (Use of Funds)) in service areas in such manner to provide holistic coverage statewide without duplication or overlap of services. In a service area where a Community Action Agency (CAA) exists, the CAA has the conditional right of first refusal to serve as the subgrantee for the given service area.
(2) OHCS will allocate HSP funds to all subgrantees through a formula established by OHCS prior to the allocation process. OHCS reserves the right to modify such formula at any time in its sole discretion.
(3) A subgrantee may establish subrecipients that meet the requirements of ORS 458.505 (Community action agency network as delivery system for federal antipoverty programs)(4) to provide eligible HSP services in the subgrantee’s service area.
(4) Subgrantees shall, at a minimum, provide HSP services to eligible applicants or households that meet HSP requirements. Whenever appropriate, subgrantees may assist eligible households in accessing other services designed to stabilize housing.
(5) Subgrantee representatives must attend and participate in HSP-related training made available or conducted by OHCS.
(6) A designated portion of HSP funds are reserved for subgrantees and their subrecipients to use for administrative costs. Subgrantees and their subrecipients may expend up to a determined amount as authorized by OHCS and outlined in the funding agreement.
(7) Subgrantees must collaborate with their local Department of Human Services (DHS) field office(s) and develop a referral process for the purpose of identifying eligible family households, submitted with the funding application and requiring approval by OHCS, in writing.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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