OAR 813-200-0052
Application for Funding; Funding Agreement

(1) Prior to providing any LIHEAP program services using OHCS funding, subgrantees must submit biennially an application for funding to OHCS. A funding agreement must be approved by OHCS in writing before being operative.
(2) Applications for funding must meet all requirements of form and content as established by OHCS. At a minimum, an application must include a subgrantee’s proposed activities for eligible households, anticipated expenditures, and any other information as OHCS may require specific to LIHEAP program funding. Subgrantees must adhere to OHCS requirements and deadlines for submitting an application. An application is subject to approval, with or without modifications, or disapproval by OHCS.
(3) In cases where a Community Action Agency (CAA) has the conditional right of first refusal for antipoverty program administration, and the CAA cannot meet the requirements listed in subsection (2) above, OHCS, in its sole discretion, may allow other eligible organizations to submit an application for funding with respect to that service area.
(4) OHCS will evaluate all applications for funding for LIHEAP program sufficiency requirements. Sufficiency is based on the quantity, thoroughness and quality of performance that is satisfactory to OHCS. This includes, but is not limited to, providing relevant information necessary for OHCS to assess the subgrantee’s compliance with all LIHEAP program requirements and any other standards, goals, and requirements established by OHCS.

Source: Rule 813-200-0052 — Application for Funding; Funding Agreement, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=813-200-0052.

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