OAR 813-205-0040
Use of Funds

(1) LIWAP funding may be used for the following purposes including, but not limited to:
(a) Weatherization upon eligible dwelling units;
(b) Any measure that is necessary for effective energy savings performance or preservation of weatherization materials;
(c) Energy education for the household members; and
(d) Training and technical assistance for the subgrantee.
(2) Except as otherwise specified by the grantor of funds, OHCS may allocate no more than 5% of LIWAP funding for training and technical assistance.
(3) Subgrantees shall practice lead safe work practices on each dwelling constructed prior to 1978 unless the subgrantee can prove to OHCS’s satisfaction that a lead hazard does not exist.
(4) For federal funds allocated to OHCS, including those received from USDOE, for LIWAP services, OHCS may set aside up to 3% of federal funds for persons of Native American heritage to either directly provide LIWAP services to those eligible households or allocate to subgrantees with identified populations of persons of Native American heritage within their service areas.
(5) For state funds allocated to OHCS received from ECHO for LIWAP services, the following requirements apply:
(a) LIWAP services must be provided only to those households with primary heat supplied by Pacific Power or Portland General Electric.
(b) On July 1 of each year, Pacific Power and Portland General Electric must furnish OHCS with a residential meter count for each county in Oregon. ECHO funds must be allocated to subgrantees based on the number of residential electric meters within each subgrantee’s service area.
(c) Federal funds received from BPA may not be used in conjunction with ECHO funds.
(d) ECHO funds are subject to reallocation for special projects and pilots to programs other than those operated by subgrantees, once the funding needs of all subgrantees have been met.
(6) Any additional funds received for weatherization purposes above and beyond regular funding must be awarded to the subgrantees through an allocation formula as identified in OAR 813-205-0011 (Administration)(2).
(7) OHCS may move LIWAP funds from a subgrantee that is not spending allocated funds in a timely manner to a subgrantee that has expended its funds before the end of the funding period. A subgrantee is subject to at least annual OHCS reviews of the subgrantee’s spending patterns for the purpose of reallocating funds.
(8) Subgrantees may not purchase a vehicle or equipment with LIWAP funds, regardless of the cost of the vehicle or equipment, or purchase or lease one or more acquisitions when the cost of the purchase or lease exceeds $5,000, unless the subgrantee first receives authorization from OHCS.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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