OAR 813-205-0080


An agency’s annual audit is subject to monitoring by the department to verify accuracy of information received in the quarterly reports and so that questions raised by the department, the agency or the auditor may be answered.


An agency’s quarterly reports and program data entered into the statewide database as specified by the department are subject to monitoring by the department so that the department may determine the agency’s compliance with program requirements, monitor spending patterns and chart changes in the program. An agency is subject to an on-site review by the department if the department determines that irregularities or questions raised by the department’s in-house review are sufficient to warrant the onsite review.


An agency and the owner of any dwelling unit approved for program assistance is subject to such monitoring and on-site reviews by the department as it may require. The department may examine matters including, but not limited to the following in its off-site and on-site reviews and auditing functions:


Financial records;


The inventory system;


Client files;


Work completed;


Agency post-installation inspection;


Agency review; and


Records of training and technical assistance provided by the agency.


An agency also is subject to evaluations by the department of the agency’s performance under the program, including but not limited to the level of service provided, ease of access to applicants, error rate and compatibility with other community service programs. These evaluation functions may be performed separately or in conjunction with other auditing and review functions by the department.


An agency shall cooperate fully with all department audit, review and evaluation requests and activities.


An agency and the owner of a project receiving program assistance shall retain related financial records, supporting documents and all other pertinent records for six years after the receipt of assistance or after any litigation or audit claim is resolved, whichever is later.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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