OAR 813-206-0000
Program Administration, Authority

OAR 813-206-0000 (Program Administration, Authority) through 813-206-0070 (Transfers; Charges) address protocols, standards, and requirements with respect to the Multifamily Energy Program (the “Program”), the purpose of which is to address energy efficiency needs of low-income households in multifamily housing. Additional policies and instructions for this program are outlined in the Multifamily Energy Program Manual dated September 3, 2019 incorporated herein by this reference (“Manual”). Other applicable policies, standards, and requirements are contained in the department’s descriptive and procedural rules found in Division 1, in the department’s general rules found in Division 5, and in the department’s general procedures for public contracts and procurements found in Division 6. The department allocates funds for this program to eligible affordable multifamily rental housing developments (“Projects”) through developers and owners of such projects. Program funds are made available to the department from SB 1149 Electricity Public Purpose Charge account established in ORS 757.612 (Requirements for public purpose expenditures)(3)(b)(C) for this and other purposes under ORS 757.612 (Requirements for public purpose expenditures)(3)(b)(C).
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