OAR 813-310-0025
Visitability Requirements

Except as provided in ORS 456.513 (Exemption from visitability requirements) and consistent with these rules, the Department may not provide funding for the development of new rental housing that is a subsidized development unless:


Each dwelling unit of the housing meets the following requirements:


At least one visitable exterior route leading to a dwelling unit entrance that is stepless and has a minimum clearance of 32 inches.


One or more visitable routes between the visitable dwelling unit entrance and a visitable common living space.


At least one visitable common living space.


One or more visitable routes between the dwelling unit entrance and a powder room.


A powder room doorway that is stepless and has a minumum clearance of 32 inches.


A powder room with walls that are reinforced in a manner suitable for handrail installation. For purposes of this paragraph, handrail means grab bar.


Light switches, electrical outlets and environmental controls that are at a reachable height.


For a development that has a shared community room or that has 20 or more contiguous units, there is at least one community powder room available for all tenants and guests that is accessible, except as provided by OAR 813-310-0030 (Community Powder Room)(2). This requirement does not apply to group homes.


For a multi-story structure without an elevator, this section applies only to dwelling units on the ground floor of the structure.


The visitability requirements of ORS 456.510 (Visitability requirements) enumerated in this section do not apply to farmworker housing located on a farm.

Source: Rule 813-310-0025 — Visitability Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=813-310-0025.

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