OAR 818-035-0025

A dental hygienist may not:


Diagnose and treatment plan other than for dental hygiene services;


Cut hard or soft tissue with the exception of root planing;


Extract any tooth;


Fit or adjust any correctional or prosthetic appliance except as provided by OAR 818-035-0030 (Additional Functions of Dental Hygienists)(1)(h);


Prescribe, administer or dispense any drugs except as provided by OAR 818-035-0030 (Additional Functions of Dental Hygienists), 818-035-0040 (Expanded Functions of Dental Hygienists), 818-026-0060 (Moderate Sedation Permit)(11) and 818-026-0070 (General Anesthesia Permit)(11);


Place, condense, carve or cement permanent restorations except as provided in OAR 818-035-0072 (Restorative Functions of Dental Hygienists), or operatively prepare teeth;


Irrigate or medicate canals; try in cones, or ream, file or fill canals;


Use the behavior management techniques of Hand Over Mouth (HOM) or Hand Over Mouth Airway Restriction (HOMAR) on any patient.


Place or remove healing caps or healing abutments, except under direct supervision.


Place implant impression copings, except under direct supervision.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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