Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board

Rule Rule 830-020-0020
Funeral Service Practitioner and Embalmer Licenses; Mili-tary Leave


Funeral service practitioners and embalmers shall be licensed only after compliance with ORS Chapter 692 (Funeral Service Practitioners), and rules adopted thereunder. Licenses for funeral service practitioner and embalmer will not be issued or renewed unless assessed civil penalties have been paid.


A license issued pursuant to ORS Chapter 692 (Funeral Service Practitioners) shall not be transferable.


The Board shall publish, on its internet website, a list of the Board’s licensees.


A person licensed under ORS Chapter 692 (Funeral Service Practitioners) shall not be required to renew his or her individual funeral service practitioner or embalmer license while in active military service unless the person is required by that branch of the military service to maintain an active license from the state in which he or she is licensed in order to perform those services for that branch of the service. Such person shall notify the Board in writing of the date he or she will begin active military duty. The Board will not require this person to pay renewal licensing fees until completion of military duty. After release from active duty under honorable conditions, this person shall notify the Board in writing within 60 days of such discharge and may then be restored to former status. The Board shall not impose any fees until the following renewal period.

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