Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board

Rule Rule 830-020-0030
Reciprocal Licensure


An applicant for reciprocal licensure must apply to the Board on the most current form provided by the Board. The application must be accompanied by the following:


The reciprocal fee as prescribed by OAR 830-020-0040 (License, Certificate and Registration Fees);


A certified copy of the applicant’s birth certificate;


A certified copy of transcripts from a school accredited by an Association of Schools and Colleges demonstrating completion of an Associate’s degree or higher degree (for funeral service practitioner licensure) or proof of passing an accredited course of funeral service education (for embalmer licensure);


A certification from the state(s) the applicant is or was licensed in that includes: length of apprenticeship, if any, examination score, date licensed, status of license at the present time, and whether the applicant’s license has ever been suspended or revoked or other disciplinary action taken;


Proof that the applicant is or was licensed and has practiced, respectively, as a funeral service practitioner or an embalmer in another state with substantially similar requirements as identified by the Board for at least one full year before the respective application date; and


An applicant for reciprocal funeral service practitioner license must pass the Board’s funeral service practitioner examination as a means of providing satisfactory proof to the Board that the applicant has the requisite qualifications for licensing as a funeral service practitioner in this state. The examination must include questions related to:


Oregon and federal laws, rules and regulations relating to the care, preparation, disposition and transportation of human remains; and survivor death benefits.


Reciprocal applicants for funeral service practitioner license must receive a score of not less than 75 percent, based on the total number of questions, in order to pass the examination. Reciprocal applicants are eligible to take the examination at the regularly scheduled examination dates if their examination application is received at least 14 days prior to the examination date.


Applicants for reciprocal embalmer licensure must show evidence satisfactory to the Board that the applicant has successfully passed the National Board Examination as administered by the Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards or an equivalent examination written by the Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards. The examination must include two sections, funeral service arts and funeral service sciences, and the applicant must receive a cumulative average score of at least 75 percent on the sections with not less than 70 percent on either of these two sections. The applicant may be required to also take an exam on applicable Oregon laws.


A license must not be issued to a reciprocal applicant before a complete background check has been performed and Board approval has been received.

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