OAR 830-030-0004
Scope of Practice

The purpose of this rule is to establish an acceptable scope of practice for licensed funeral service practitioners, embalmers, and preneed salespersons.


Only a funeral service practitioner or funeral service practitioner trainee (apprentice) shall:


Work directly with at need persons to arrange for the disposition of human remains; and


Coordinate and direct the various tasks associated with performing funeral services for at need persons including but not limited to: taking all vital information on the deceased for the purpose of filing the death certificate; arranging for transportation of the remains; coordinating the services for final disposition; supervising or otherwise controlling the care, preparation, processing and handling of human remains.


Only a registered preneed salesperson or other funeral service licensee shall engage in prearrangement or preconstruction sales.


A preneed funeral service salesperson shall not engage in at need funeral arrangements or sales.


Only a licensed embalmer or embalmer trainee (apprentice) may provide the necessary handling and preparation of human remains, e.g. washing, disinfecting, setting features, embalming, repair and supervising dressing.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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