OAR 830-030-0100
Misleading Business Practices

The following practices are prohibited and are considered misrepresentation in the conduct of doing business:


Any sales presentation or practice that conceals or misstates a material fact is considered a misrepresentation in the conduct of doing business.


Any guarantee or representation that the prospective purchase would realize a profit by reselling at a later date.


Any use of interment space used for the interment of human remains including cremated remains, other than those of the owner of that space or interment rights thereto, or placement of other materials belonging to a person other than the owner, without the prior written authorization by the owner of such space or interment rights. If the person authorizing such interment or placement of materials represents that he or she has authority to direct the interment or placement, a licensee is not in violation of this rule if, after due diligence, the licensee reasonably believes such person may direct the interment or placement of materials.


Any failure to comply with the terms of the sales contracts or state or local law requirements, with respect to irrevocable permanent care, and failure to comply with any other applicable laws and regulations relating to cemeteries.


Any advertising or other presentation or indication that a licensee is in any way connected with the federal government, any other government agency, or any veterans’ or other organization. If a veterans’ organization or government agency is referred to in any advertisement, sales program or presentation the licensee must include a disclaimer in bold type to the effect that “This facility is not financed or connected in any manner with any government agency or veteran’s or other organization”.


Any use of advertisements, printed materials, forms, or any other materials that resemble or suggest official government documents or publications.


In addition to the provisions of ORS 97.943 (Distributions from prearrangement trust fund deposits)(8), which provides the purchaser may cancel a revocable prearrangement contract at any time prior to death and receive a full refund including earnings, a licensee must, in a preneed sales contract, include a reasonable period of not less than five business days during which the purchasers may cancel the funeral or cemetery contract for delivered goods that are unused and undamaged, and during which the purchaser may cancel any contract for interment rights.

Source: Rule 830-030-0100 — Misleading Business Practices, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=830-030-0100.

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