OAR 836-050-0205

OAR 836-050-0200 (Purpose, Scope and Definitions) to 836-050-0215 (Pre-existing Condition Exclusions; Health Insurance) are adopted by the Director pursuant to the general rulemaking authority of the Director under ORS 731.244 (Rules), for the purpose of carrying out the responsibilities of the Director under 731.008 (Purpose of Insurance Code) and 731.016 (Construction of Insurance Code), regarding the protection of the insurance-buying public, under 742.003 (Filing and approval of policy forms) and 742.005 (Grounds for disapproval of policy forms), regarding approval of forms, and under 746.240 (Undefined trade practices injurious to public prohibited), regarding definition of unfair practices in the transaction of insurance.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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