OAR 837-030-0190


Persons applying for installation (company), fitter or truck equipment operator licenses must pass a written examination, administered by the State Fire Marshal, with a score of 80 percent or more of the questions answered correctly on each applicable section of the examination.


Examinations for fitter and truck equipment operator licenses assess the individual’s knowledge of liquefied petroleum gas, its properties, related equipment, and applicable codes, statutes and safety regulations.


Examinations for the company representative assess the individual’s knowledge of applicable codes, statutes, safety regulations, Oregon Revised Statutes and Oregon Administrative Rules that regulate and govern liquefied petroleum gas.


License types and combinations are:


Company Representative;


Master Fitter;


Truck Equipment Operator;


Company Representative, Fitter, Truck Equipment Operator Combination;


Company Representative, Fitter Combination;


Company Representative, Truck Equipment Operator Combination;


Fitter, Truck Equipment Operator Combination;


IC Fitter;


RV Fitter;


HVAC Fitter;


Company Representative, RV Fitter;


Company Representative, HVAC Fitter;


Company Representative, IC Fitter.


Examinations are open book and administered on-line by the State Fire Marshal. No individual person completing an examination can use any information other than the information referenced in these rules to complete the examination, nor can they use any other means to obtain a passing score on the examination.


Examinations will be based primarily on the standards referenced in OAR 837-030-0130 (Fire and Life Safety Standards), ORS 480.410 (Definition) through 480.460 (Disposition of fees), 480.990 (Penalties), and OAR 837-030-0100 (Purpose and Scope) through 837-030-0280 (Fees/Penalties).


All applications to take examination must be made on a form provided by the State Fire Marshal and must be accompanied by the fee required in ORS 480.434 (Examination of applicants for licenses).


Upon receipt of a properly completed application and fee, the State Fire Marshal will provide the applicant with instructions to access the on-line examination.


If an applicant fails to complete the examination within 30 days of having access to the examination, or fails to pass the examination, the applicant must submit to the State Fire Marshal a new application and fee pursuant to ORS 480.434 (Examination of applicants for licenses).


License holders and persons previously licensed are not required to complete new examinations unless a period of two years or more has elapsed from the date of their last license expiration date.


Examinations are automatically graded and results provided to the applicant upon completion of the examination.


The State Fire Marshal reserves the right to disqualify an applicant’s examination score for valid cause.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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