OAR 837-035-0060


All cigarettes sold or offered for sale in Oregon must be fire standard compliant (reduced ignition propensity) as required by ORS 476.760 (Prohibition against distributing or offering certain cigarettes)(1).


Initial written certification attesting the cigarette variety has been subjected to ignition propensity testing under ORS 476.780 (Cigarette variety certification by manufacturer) and meets the fire safety performance standard under 476.770 (Determination of cigarette variety ignition propensity)(6), must be provided to the Oregon State Fire Marshal (OSFM) prior to selling cigarettes. Refer to OAR 837-035-0080 (Certification Requirements) for certification requirements.


Re-certification of cigarettes is required every three years after initial certification. Refer to OAR 837-035-0100 (Recertification Requirements) for re-certification requirements.


In addition to the above listed requirements, cigarette manufacturers, wholesaler dealers and retailers who sell cigarettes in Oregon must also comply with:


ORS 476.755 (Definitions for ORS 476.755 to 476.790 and 476.995) through 476.806 (Cigarette Fire Safety Fund);


OAR 837-035-0000 (Purpose and Scope) through 837-035-0340 (Procedures, Hearings and Judicial Review);


All applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations pertaining to cigarettes.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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