OAR 837-035-0160
Packaging Marking


Manufacturers must mark all packaging for cigarettes to indicate that cigarettes sold in this state are fire standard compliant (reduced ignition propensity). A manufacturer must submit to the State Fire Marshal a proposal for marking cigarette packaging. Proposed packaging marking must be in eight-point font or larger and consist of one of the following:


Modification of the universal product code to indicate a visible mark printed at or around the universal product code. The mark may consist of alphanumeric or symbolic characters permanently printed, stamped, engraved or embossed in conjunction with the universal product code;


A visible combination of alphanumeric or symbolic characters permanently stamped, engraved or embossed upon the packaging or cellophane wrapping;


Printed, stamped, engraved or embossed test indicating the cigarettes meet the fire safety performance standard established in ORS 476.770 (Determination of cigarette variety ignition propensity)(6).


The OSFM will approve or disapprove the proposal for packaging marking, and packaging marking proposals not approved or denied by the OSFM within 10 days of receipt are deemed approved. In determining whether to approve or disapprove a proposal for packaging marking, the OSFM must approve packaging marking with the letters “FSC” (signifying fire standard compliant).


Violations of this section are subject to a civil penalty as referenced in OAR 837-035-0320 (Civil Penalties).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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