OAR 837-120-0350
Terms and Conditions of Approval


If the State Fire Marshal finds that a training program, course or instruction thereof satisfies the minimum requirements established therefor pursuant to OAR 837-120-0340 (Decision Process), the State Fire Marshal shall issue approval to the applicant of any such training program, course or instruction, for such a term and upon such conditions as the State Fire Marshal shall prescribe in accordance with subsection (2)(b) of this rule.


Approval of program. The following terms and conditions shall be part of every approval:


The approval of each training program will be evidenced by a letter of approval from the State Fire Marshal. The letter will provide the specific details of the scope of the approval as well as any conditions imposed by the State Fire Marshal;


The approval of each training program shall be valid for up to three years after the initial approval, and valid for up to five years for each subsequent renewal unless revoked for good cause. The dates of the period of approval will be stated in the approval letter;


The applicant of an approved program shall continue to satisfy all the requirements of this section and the letter of approval during the period of approval.


Revision of an approved program. The applicant may change elements of its approved training program by notifying the State Fire Marshal of the change, certifying that the reviewed program change meets the requirements of OAR 837-120-0340 (Decision Process), that the entire approved program continues to meet the requirements of 837-120-0340 (Decision Process), and that supporting documentation is provided upon which its conclusions are based. The applicant may make the change upon notification to the State Fire Marshal. However, if on subsequent review, the State Fire Marshal determines the change is inconsistent with 837-120-0340 (Decision Process) and so notifies the applicant, the applicant must revert to the original elements.


Lapse of approval; reapplication. The approval of a training program shall automatically lapse on the date specified in accordance with subsection (2)(b) of this rule. An applicant of an approved program may renew its approval by filing a renewal request with the State Fire Marshal not less than 180 calendar days, nor more than one year, before the expiration date of its current approval. When the applicant has filed such a renewal request, the current approval will not expire until a final decision has been made on the renewal request. The renewal request will be processed in accordance with the procedures of OAR 837-120-0320 (Requests for Training Program Approval) through 837-120-0340 (Decision Process).


Transfer of an approved program. An applicant may not transfer the approval of its program to any other person or organization without prior written authorization from the State Fire Marshal.

Source: Rule 837-120-0350 — Terms and Conditions of Approval, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=837-120-0350.

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