OAR 845-013-0070
Services of Nominal Value; ORS 471.398(5)


ORS 471.398 (Prohibition of financial assistance from wholesaler to retailer)(5) prohibits a manufacturer or wholesaler from giving a retailer any services except those described in 471.398 (Prohibition of financial assistance from wholesaler to retailer)(5) and the two categories of services of nominal value described in this rule.


A manufacturer or wholesaler may give basic services that support products on draft such as:


Inspecting draft equipment, coolers and cooling equipment for sanitation and quality control;


Performing emergency repairs on draft equipment;


Instructing retail licensees in the proper use, maintenance and care of draft and cooling equipment;


Tapping kegs during regular delivery calls.


A manufacturer or wholesaler may give basic marketing support services for the manufacturer’s or wholesaler’s alcoholic beverage products such as:


Delivering to the designated place on the retailer’s premises. If a retailer closes a store, the wholesaler or manufacturer may move product to another of the retailer’s stores in the wholesaler’s territory. The manufacturer or wholesaler may move only his/her brands;


Rearranging or replenishing bottles or cans of the manufacturer or wholesaler’s brands;


Pricing packages and containers of the manufacturer’s or wholesaler’s brands but not repricing packages and containers. Repricing includes entering the Uniform Price Code (UPC) or pricing information in the retailer’s system but does not include changing shelf tags;


Promptly exchanging alcoholic beverages delivered in error for the proper product, provided both businesses reflect the exchange in their records;


Exchanging products that are leaking, deteriorating, near or past their shelf date, have damaged or missing labels, or have damaged containers for an equal quantity of identical product, or exchanging products that have been found to contain adulterated ingredients (See also OAR 845-013-0020 (Money, Credit, Discounts; ORS 471.398(2) and 471.400(3)(a))(1)(b)). If the amount exchanged is one case or less of malt beverages or if the product contains adulterated ingredients, the manufacturer or wholesaler may substitute another malt beverage product of similar value. A manufacturer or wholesaler may not exchange product that the retailer or retailer’s customer damaged;


Installing, cleaning and repairing point of sale materials allowed in OAR 845-013-0050 (Point of Sale Advertising Materials and Consumer Take-Aways, ORS 471.398(4));


Providing an employee to assist in educational seminars and wine or malt beverage tastings that a retailer conducts for the public as long as each licensee complies with OAR 845-006-0353 (Distilled Spirits Samples and Promotions from a Distiller’s Representative) and 845-006-0450 (Retail On-Premises Malt Beverage, Wine, or Cider Tastings Involving Suppliers).
NOTE: ORS 471.186 (Off-premises sales license)(4) prohibits a manufacturer or wholesaler from providing or paying for a person to serve samples at package stores except as provided in ORS 471.402 (Sample tastings authorized).


Providing celebrities or performers to promote the manufacturer’s or wholesaler’s product on a retailer’s premises as long as:


Neither the manufacturer/wholesaler nor retailer advertise or promote the celebrity or performer’s visit;


The celebrity or performer does only a brief performance, if any;


The manufacturer or wholesaler provides no alcoholic beverages to the retailer’s customers;


The manufacturer or wholesaler provides the celebrities no more than once per year per retail premises.

Source: Rule 845-013-0070 — Services of Nominal Value; ORS 471.398(5), https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=845-013-0070.

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