OAR 851-061-0070
Reports and Approvals


Program changes requiring Board approval:
(a) Change of program ownership:
(A) When ownership of an education program changes, a report must be submitted, in writing within 15 days, to the Board representative containing the following information:
(i) Anticipated effects on students, faculty and resources; and
(ii) Plans for the orderly transition of the program.
(B) If the change in ownership only causes minor changes to the program, as determined by the Board representative, there is no need to seek new approval of the program.
(C) If the change causes a substantial impact on the students, faculty or program resources, as determined by the Board representative, on the students, faculty, or program resources, an application and approval for the program will be required.
(b) Changes in course content, lab/clinical skill checklist, final exam, certificate of completion, program director, primary instructor, clinical teaching associate, policies and procedures related to attendance, course requirements, cancellation and refunds, or classroom or clinical sites must be submitted to the Board for approval prior to implementation.
(2) Program data to be sent to Board:
(a) Nursing assistant level one and medication aide education programs shall register with the Board:
(A) By the end of the second class day, each student’s:
(i) Name;
(ii) Date started education program;
(iii) E-mail address; and
(iv) Phone number.
(B) Within 14 days of program completion, each student’s:
(i) Number of classroom and clinical hours completed; and
(ii) Date of program completion;


Nursing assistant level two education programs must submit to the Board, within two weeks of completion of a class, verification of each student’s program completion by the Board approved format.

Source: Rule 851-061-0070 — Reports and Approvals, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=851-061-0070.

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