OAR 851-061-0075
Standards for Approval: Organization and Administration


Education program policies and procedures must be in written form, include date initiated, date reviewed, and date revised, and must be reviewed by education program director at least annually.
(2) Education programs implementing program changes cannot require students who are currently enrolled to complete the requirements of a revised program. Enrolled students must be allowed to complete the program requirements identified in their most current signed enrollment agreement. Exceptions may be allowed when and if the school and student mutually agree to the program change(s) and a new or amended enrollment agreement is negotiated, accepted, and signed by the student and school. Examples of program changes as used in this rule include, but are not limited to, increase or decrease of hours required, changes in the schedule of hours of instruction, adding or dropping course requirements, increasing program costs or fees, or changes in the payment plan.
(3) Education program must be financially viable for the stability and continuation of the program.
(a) Education program providers in assisted living, licensed nursing, and residential care facilities licensed by the Department of Human Services or the Health Authority and education programs licensed by the Department of Education are exempt from demonstrating financial viability to the Board.
(b) Education program providers not identified in OAR 851-061-0075 (Standards for Approval: Organization and Administration)(3)(a), will provide financial statements or tax documents to demonstrate:
(A) Assets equal to or greater than liabilities;
(B) No operating loss in any year of more than 10% of their net worth; and
(C) No operating loss of any amount for two consecutive years.
(c) An education program that is unable to verify financial viability may be required to carry a bond, get a letter of credit, or escrow unearned tuition.
(4) All education program advertising, sales, collection, credit or other business practices are conducted in a manner that does not violate ORS 646.608 (Additional unlawful business, trade practices).

Source: Rule 851-061-0075 — Standards for Approval: Organization and Administration, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=851-061-0075.

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