OAR 851-070-0100
Substantial Non-Compliance Criteria


The HPSP will report substantial non-compliance to the Board within one business day after the HPSP learns of non-compliance, including but not limited to information that a licensee:


Engaged in criminal behavior;


Engaged in conduct that caused injury, death or harm to the public, including engaging in sexual impropriety with a patient;


Was impaired in a health care setting in the course of the licensee’s employment;


Received a positive toxicology test result as determined by federal regulations pertaining to drug testing or self report of unauthorized substance use;


Violated a restriction on the licensee’s practice imposed by the HPSP or the licensee’s Board;


Was civilly committed for mental illness or involuntary hospitalization;


Entered into a monitoring agreement with HPSP, but failed to participate or discontinued participation in HPSP;


Was referred to the HPSP, but failed to enroll in the HPSP;


Forged, tampered with, or modified a prescription;


Violated any rules of prescriptive/dispensing authority;


Violated any provisions of OAR 851-070-0080 (Licensee Responsibilities for Self/Board referred HPSP and Public Discipline);


Violated any terms of the monitoring agreement; or


Failed to complete the monitored practice requirements as stated in OAR 851-070-0090 (Completion Requirements).


The Board, upon being notified of a licensee’s substantial non-compliance will investigate and determine the appropriate sanction, which may include a limitation of licensee’s practice and any other sanction, up to and including termination from the HPSP and formal discipline.


For Board Ordered discipline violation of any of the conditions of the final order is considered non-compliance and will be investigated and the appropriate sanction will be determined up to and including revocation of license or certificate.

Source: Rule 851-070-0100 — Substantial Non-Compliance Criteria, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=851-070-0100.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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