OAR 859-540-0020


A record shall be kept of Board action taken at an administrative meeting by minutes and any decision made at an administrative hearing of the Board by written findings.


All Board hearings, except Board deliberations, shall be recorded by electronic means which can be transcribed. No other record of Board hearings shall be made. All documents considered at a hearing shall be included as exhibits and kept as part of the record.


Audio recordings capable of being transcribed shall be kept by the Board for a minimum of two years from the hearing date.


The recording of the Board hearings shall be transcribed for appeal purposes when a notice of appeal is filed. If transcribed, the transcript may be substituted for the original record.


Any material to which an objection is sustained shall be removed from the record. The objection and ruling of the Board shall be noted on the record.


The audio recording or transcript of the proceedings shall be made available at cost to a party to the proceedings upon request.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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