Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-002-0060
Assignment of a Mediator

(1) For each request for alternative dispute resolution, the Chief Administrative Law Judge must appoint a mediator to facilitate the process.
(2) The Chief Administrative Law Judge may appoint an Administrative Law Judge trained in mediation, a mediation expert contracted to provide services to the Commission, or a mediator that has been suggested by both parties.
(a) If the Chief Administrative Law Judge appoints an Administrative Law Judge as mediator, that same Administrative Law Judge will not be appointed to preside over any related complaint or petition for declaratory ruling.
(b) An Administrative Law Judge that acts as mediator for a dispute is not permitted to disclose any aspect of the parties’ positions, statements, or proposals with anyone (other than the parties), including but not limited to the Administrative Law Judge assigned to the related complaint or petition for declaratory ruling, Commissioners, Commission Staff, or Commission Advisors.
(c) The mediator must maintain confidentiality with respect to the mediation proceedings, and may disclose only whether an agreement was reached and if so, may disclose terms of the agreement if authorized by both parties.

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