Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-002-0080
Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediation Session

(1) Unless otherwise agreed to by the parties, no more than four persons for each party may attend the mediation session. Only the parties and the mediator may attend the mediation session, except as provided in section 2 of this rule.
(2) If agreed, parties may request that Commission Staff participate in a mediation. The Administrative Hearings Division will assess whether or not it is possible for Commission Staff to participate in an individual mediation. Any appointed Staff is not permitted to participate in any related complaint or petition for declaratory ruling proceedings, and is not permitted to disclose any aspect of the parties’ positions, statements, or proposals with anyone (other than the parties), including but not limited to the Administrative Law Judge or Commission Staff assigned to the related complaint or petition for declaratory ruling, Commissioners, or Commission Advisors.
(3) The mediation session is led by the mediator. The mediator will begin the session by introducing parties, reviewing the protocol for the session, and stating the goals for the session. At the outset of the mediation, each party will be given time to present their view of the dispute without interruption.
(4) Where appropriate, the session may result in a negotiation. The assigned mediator will be available to the parties to support the development of settlement proposals.
(a) At the request of parties, the mediator may lead a settlement discussion, engage in shuttle diplomacy between parties, or develop proposed settlement concepts after the mediation session for presentation at a subsequent mediation session.
(b) If an agreement is reached, at the request of the parties, the mediator may continue to work with the parties under this rule in resolving any disputes that may arise in drafting a final written settlement agreement.

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