OAR 860-089-0100
Applicability of Competitive Bidding Requirements

(1) An electric company must comply with the rules in this division when it seeks to acquire generating or storage resources or to contract for energy or capcity if any of the following apply:
(a) The acquisition is of a resource or a contract for more than an aggregate of 80 megawatts and five years in length;
(b) The acquisition is of a resource or contract in which the electric company does not specify the size or duration of the resource or contract sought but may result in an acquisition described in subsection (1)(a) or (1)(c) of this rule;
(c) The acquisition is of multiple resources more than five years in length that in aggregate provide the electric company with more than an aggregate of 80 megawatts, and these resources:
(A) Are located on the same parcel of land, even if such parcel contains intervening railroad or public rights of way, or on two or more such parcels of land that are adjacent; and
(B) The generation equipment of any one of these resources is within five miles of the generation equipment of any other of these resources and construction of these resources is performed under the same contract or within two years of each other; or
(d) As directed by the Commission.
(2) An electric company may request that the Commission find that resources presumed to be subject to subsection (1)(c) of this rule should not be considered in the aggregate. The electric company may make this request before acquiring the resources. The electric company bears the burden of rebutting the presumption that the acquisition is subject to these rules by showing each resource is separate and distinct.
(3) An electric company is not required to comply with the competitive bidding requirements to acquire a resource otherwise subject to section (1) of this rule when:
(a) There is an emergency; meaning a human-caused or natural catastrophe resulting from an unusual and unexpected event, including but not limited to earthquake, flood, war, or a catastrophic energy plant failure, that requires an electric company to take immediate action;
(b) There is a time-limited opportunity to acquire a resource of unique value to the electric company’s customers;
(c) An alternative acquisition method was proposed by the electric company in the IRP and explicitly acknowledged by the Commission; or
(d) Seeking to exclusively acquire transmission assets or rights.
(4) Within 30 days of seeking to acquire a resource under section (3) of this rule, the electric company must file a report with the Commission explaining the relevant circumstances. The report must be served on all the parties to the electric company’s most recent rate case, RFP, and IRP dockets.

Source: Rule 860-089-0100 — Applicability of Competitive Bidding Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=860-089-0100.

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