OAR 860-089-0400
Bid Scoring and Evaluation by Electric Company

(1) To help ensure that the electric company engages in a transparent bid-scoring process using objective scoring criteria and metrics, the electric company must provide all proposed and final scoring criteria and metrics in the draft and final RFPs filed with the Commission.
(2) The electric company must base the scoring of bids and selection of an initial shortlist on price and, as appropriate, non-price factors. Non-price factors must be converted to price factors where practicable. Unless otherwise directed by the Commission, the electric company must use the following approach to develop price and non-price scores:
(a) Price scores must be based on the prices submitted by bidders and calculated using units that are appropriate for the product sought and technologies anticipated to be employed in responsive bids using real-levelized or annuity methods. The IE may authorize adjustments to price scores on review of information submitted by bidders.
(b) Non-price scores must, when practicable, primarily relate to resource characteristics identified in the electric company’s most recent acknowledged IRP Action Plan or IRP Update and may be based on conformance to standard form contracts. Non-price scoring criteria must be objective and reasonably subject to self-scoring analysis by bidders.
(c) Non-price score criteria that seek to identify minimum thresholds for a successful bid and that may readily be converted into minimum bidder requirements must be converted into minimum bidder requirements.
(d) Scoring criteria may not be based on renewal or ownership options, except insofar as these options affect costs, revenues, benefits or prices. Any criteria based on renewal or ownership options must be explained in sufficient detail in the draft RFP to allow for public comment and Commission review of the justification for the proposed criteria.
(4) The electric company may select an initial shortlist of bids after it has scored the bids and identified the bids with top scores. Following selection of an initial shortlist of bids, the electric company may select a final shortlist of bids.
(5) Unless an alternative method is approved by the Commission under OAR 860-089-0250 (Design of Requests for Proposals)(2)(a), selection of the final shortlist of bids must be based on bid scores and the results of modeling the effect of candidate resources on overall system costs and risks using modeling methods that are consistent with those used in the Commission-acknowledged IRP.
(a) The electric company must use a qualified and independent third-party expert to review site-specific critical performance factors for wind and solar resources on the initial shortlist before modeling the effects of such resources.
(b) In addition, the electric company must conduct, and consider the results in selecting a final short list, a sensitivity analysis of its bid rankings that demonstrates the degree to which the rankings are sensitive to:
(A) Changes in non-price scores; and
(B) Changes in assumptions used to compare bids or portfolios of bids, such as assumptions used to extend shorter bids for comparison with longer bids, or assumptions used to compare smaller bids or portfolios with larger ones.
(6) The electric company must provide the IE and Commission with full access to its production cost and risk models and sensitivity analyses. When the IE and Commission concur that appropriate protections for protected information are in place, the electric company must provide access to such information to non-bidding interested parties that request the information in the final short list acknowledgment proceeding.

Source: Rule 860-089-0400 — Bid Scoring and Evaluation by Electric Company, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=860-089-0400.

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