OAR 863-014-0095
Business Name Registration

(1) Before conducting professional real estate activity in any name, the principal broker must first register the name with the Agency using an online application process available through the Agency’s website. For the purposes of this rule, "registered business name" means any name used to conduct professional real estate activity, including: the licensee’s legal name, an assumed name, or the name of a business entity, such as a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or other business entity recognized by law. A licensee must maintain the registered business name in active status with the Oregon Secretary of State’s Corporation Division for any name other than the licensee’s legal name.
(2) To register a business name, the principal broker must submit to the Agency in an online application, the following:
(a) The business name in which the principal broker wishes to conduct real estate business, which must be the exact name on file with the Oregon Secretary of State or licensee’s legal name.
(b) Written authority to register the business name;
(c) For any name used other than the licensee’s legal name, a valid, active Oregon Secretary of State Business Registry number; and
(d) The fee authorized by ORS 696.270 (Fees).
(3) Any change in the business name registered with the Agency must be submitted, with the applicable fee authorized by ORS 696.270 (Fees), through the online application available on the Agency website.
(4) If a principal broker wishes to transfer the right to use and the responsibility for a business name that is registered with the Agency, the principal broker acquiring the right to use the name must file a change of business name registration with the Agency together with the fee authorized by ORS 696.270 (Fees). A licensee must notify the Agency in writing if the licensee terminates its use of a business name.
(5) A business name registration becomes void when:
(a) The Agency receives an online application to void the registration.
(b) The registration expires.
(c) When no licensees are affiliated with the registered business name.
(6) A voided business name registration may be reactivated by reapplying for the registration and paying the fee authorized by ORS 696.270 (Fees), unless another licensee has since registered the business name..
(7) Except as provided in OAR 863-014-0085 (Authorization to Control Principal Broker’s Business) and this section, no real estate broker or principal broker may engage in professional real estate activities under more than one registered business name. A principal broker may engage in professional real estate activities under more than one registered business name if the business entity is an affiliated or subsidiary organization as described in OAR 863-014-0061 (Affiliated and Subsidiary Organizations).
(8) The initial registration term will expire on the last day of initial month of registration. The initial term is not less than 12 months and is not more than 12 months plus the number of days between the date the registration is issued and the last day of the initial registration month.

Source: Rule 863-014-0095 — Business Name Registration, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=863-014-0095.

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