OAR 863-014-0080
Nonresident License Recognition


As used in ORS 696.265 (Recognition of nonresident real estate licensee) and this rule, unless the context requires otherwise:


“Nonresident real estate broker” means an individual residing in another state or country who is licensed by that state or country to transact professional real estate activity and whose license authorizes that individual to employ, engage, or otherwise supervise other real estate brokers or salespersons.


“Nonresident real estate salesperson” means an individual residing in another state or country who is licensed by that state or country to transact professional real estate activity.


“Nonresident licensee” means either a nonresident real estate broker or a nonresident real estate salesperson.


“State or country of residence” means, presumptively, the state or country where an individual’s resident license is located.


An individual who is not a resident of Oregon, is actively engaged in professional real estate activity in his or her state or country of residence, and has been duly licensed by that state or regulatory agency within that country, may obtain an Oregon nonresident license if the applicant’s state or county of residence:


Allows an Oregon real estate broker to be licensed in that state or country under terms and conditions similar to those prescribed in ORS 696.255 (Nonresident license equivalent to appointment of commissioner as agent for service of process) and 696.265 (Recognition of nonresident real estate licensee); and


Is capable of assisting and does assist the Commissioner in the Commissioner’s review of real estate transactions and management of rental real estate for enforcement to protect Oregon consumers affected by the nonresident licensees’ professional real estate activity.


An applicant for a nonresident license must provide fingerprints and criminal offender information in the same manner as required of a resident licensee under ORS 696.022 (Licensing system for real estate brokers and property managers). The nonresident license application must be accompanied by a background check application, fingerprint card, and processing fees as prescribed by OAR 863-014-0015 (Background Check Application and Fingerprint). The applicant must furnish with the nonresident license application proof that the applicant holds an active and valid license issued by the state or country of residence.


An applicant for a nonresident license must sign and file with the Agency an affidavit stating that the applicant has reviewed and is familiar with ORS Chapter 696 (Real Estate and Escrow Activities) and its implementing rules and agrees to be bound by them.


For a nonresident real estate salesperson who is a resident of a state requiring salespersons to work under licensed real estate brokers, the license issued by that state’s Real Estate Agency must contain the business name and business address of the broker under whose license the salesperson works. The Agency will mail the Oregon license to the broker at the broker’s business address.


If the Agency requests, nonresident licensees must produce in the Agency’s office any and all records of professional real estate activity conducted in Oregon. The nonresident licensee, by applying for and accepting the nonresident license, authorizes the Agency to inspect and examine any transaction escrow records, trust account records, and other records of professional real estate activity, wherever maintained.


With respect to nonresident real estate salespersons who are residents of a state or country requiring salespersons to work under licensed real estate brokers, all advertising (including business signs, business cards, agreements, and other documents) used by those salespersons must contain the name and business address of the nonresident real estate broker.


The Commissioner may suspend or revoke, reprimand, deny a license to, or refuse to renew a license to a nonresident real estate licensee upon any of the grounds in ORS 696.301 (Grounds for discipline) or if the state or country of residence has suspended, revoked, denied, or refused to renew the individual’s license or has limited the license in any way.


Except as otherwise provided in reciprocity agreements entered into pursuant to section (10) below, or except as provided at the Commissioner’s discretion , the nonresident license application, fees, license terms, license application and renewal processing, license transfer, and all other conditions and requirements of licensure will be as provided for in ORS Chapter 696 (Real Estate and Escrow Activities) and its implementing rules.


The Commissioner may enter into reciprocity agreements with other states or countries where necessary to permit Oregon real estate licensees to obtain licenses in such other states or countries.


The Commissioner may include in such agreements the terms and conditions prescribed in this rule and additional terms and conditions at the Commissioner’s discretion.


Nonresident licenses granted under reciprocity agreements remain in force, unless suspended or revoked by the Commissioner or for failure to pay the biennial renewal fees, only so long as the reciprocity agreement remains in effect between Oregon and the other state or country. If the non-resident licensee subsequently becomes an Oregon resident, such person may obtain, upon filing the proper application and other requisite documents and the applicable fees, the equivalent resident license in Oregon. Application must be made within one year after becoming a resident.

Source: Rule 863-014-0080 — Nonresident License Recognition, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=863-014-0080.

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