OAR 863-024-0020

(1) For purposes of this rule, “examination provider” means the vendor, under a contract with the Agency, which provides licensing examination services and collects the fee for such services directly from a license applicant.
(2) In addition to any other licensing eligibility requirements:
(a) A property manager license applicant must pass a property manager license examination.
(b) A property manager who has not held an active license for two or more consecutive years must pass a reactivation examination.
(3) To be eligible to take an examination:
(a) A license applicant must have submitted a license application and fee to the Agency required under OAR 863-024-0010 (License Application Content);
(b) A license applicant must have successfully completed the required course of study for a property manager license under OAR 863-022-0015 (Course Requirements for Property Manager License Applicants) from an approved school; and
(c) The school providing the course under (b) of this section must have certified to the examination provider that the applicant completed the course as provided in OAR 863-022-0060 (Responsibilities of Providers of Real Estate Broker, Principal Broker and Property Manager License Application Courses);
(4) To be admitted to an examination site:
(a) A license applicant must be eligible to take an examination under section (3) of this rule;
(b) The applicant must register with the examination provider in advance of the examination and comply with the provider’s requirements and instructions; and
(c) The examination provider will collect the examination fee under ORS 696.270 (Fees) directly from the applicant.
(5) An applicant must pay a separate examination fee for each examination.
(6) If an applicant for a property manager license examination passes the examination but is not issued a license within one year from the date of the examination:
(a) The applicant is no longer qualified for the license on the basis of the examination; and
(b) The applicant must retake and pass the examination as required by this rule.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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