OAR 875-010-0065
License and Facility Registration Renewal Procedures


The annual renewal fee for all veterinary licenses shall be $150.


A renewal application is timely if the completed application together with the correct renewal fee is postmarked or electronically filed by December 31st of the current license year. The licensee has the burden of proving that the application was mailed or filed timely. If the renewal application is not timely, the applicant must pay delinquent fees of $50 for each month or part of a month after December 31st, up to a maximum of $150.


In the event a licensee’s renewal application is not received by January 31st, notice from the Board will be sent by April 1st, advising the licensee of his or her delinquency and that practicing veterinary medicine in Oregon without a valid license is a violation of ORS 686.020 (License required to practice veterinary medicine). It is the licensee’s responsibility to provide the Board with a current address;


If the delinquency in license renewal exceeds three months, the Board may require the applicant to appear before the Board and/or may attach other conditions to the renewal, e.g. community service, additional continuing education, etc.;


If the delinquency in license renewal exceeds 21 months, the Board may assess an extended delinquency renewal fee, and/or require re-qualification by examination.


Board staff will review renewal applications. If the application is complete with the following requirements, staff will issue a license which expires on December 31st of the next calendar year:


The renewal application is completed;


The renewal fee is enclosed;


Any delinquent fees are enclosed;


Continuing Education (CE) requirements must have been met; and


The license is not suspended, revoked or otherwise encumbered under the provisions of ORS 686.120 (Grounds for discipline) and 686.130 (“Unprofessional or dishonorable conduct” defined).


Board staff will refer for Board review any license renewal that fails to respond fully to questions in the application.


A veterinarian who submits a completed renewal application postmarked or electronically filed no later than December 31st, and has complied with all requirements under section (3) of this rule, may continue to practice veterinary medicine in Oregon pending notification of renewal or notification that the application is incomplete. A veterinarian who submits a renewal application postmarked after December 31st, or who knows the application is incomplete, or has not fulfilled the continuing education requirement, will be subject to delinquent fees and may not lawfully continue to practice veterinary medicine in Oregon until notified that the license has been renewed.


If the veterinarian’s license lapses, a 21-month grace period begins. The veterinarian may renew the license within the 21-month period by paying the maximum delinquent fee and the current annual license fee, and by providing documentation of veterinary activities, including completed Continuing Education, during the interim. After 21 months, the license may be revoked and the veterinarian may have to re-qualify for licensure by taking an examination determined by the Board.


The annual facility registration fee shall be $150. Facility owners shall renew each facility registration by December 31st of the current license year. Failure to renew a facility registration may be grounds for the Board to suspend practice of veterinary medicine in the facility.

Source: Rule 875-010-0065 — License and Facility Registration Renewal Procedures, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=875-010-0065.

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