Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Building Codes Division

Rule Rule 918-200-0005

As used in this code, unless the context requires otherwise:


“Administrator” means the administrator of the Building Codes Division.


“Alterations/modifications of an amusement ride or device” means any physical change to the structure or mechanism that materially changes the manufacturer’s original design or affects the function, capacity or operation, in any manner.


“Amusement park” means a tract or area used principally as a permanent location for rides or devices or both.


“Carnival” means one or more amusement rides or devices operated in a temporary location for profit of the owner or operator.


“Division” means the Building Codes Division of the Department of Consumer and Business Services.


“Equipment” means and includes all types of amusement rides, machines, machinery, devices, safeguards and protective facilities used in connection with the operation and maintenance of amusement rides.


“Exit” means a doorway or other opening affording safe access from an amusement ride to an open area.


“Inspections” means:


“Annual Inspection” is the official inspection of a ride or device prior to issuance of an annual operating permit;


“Reinspection” is an inspection of a ride or device after a defect or deficiency is corrected;


“Unscheduled Inspection” is any inspection which is not an annual inspection or reinspection.


“Inspector” means a qualified person authorized by the Division to inspect amusement rides or employed, or otherwise authorized, by an insurance company to inspect rides insured by the company.


“Major Alteration” means a change in the type or capacity of an amusement ride or device or a change in the structure or mechanism that materially affects its function or operation. This includes, but is not limited to, changing its mode of transportation from non-wheeled to a truck or flat-bed mount, and changing its mode of assembly or other operational functions from manual to mechanical or hydraulic.


“Operator” means a person who owns or manages or has the duty of managing the operation of one or more amusement rides and devices.


“Permit (to Operate an Individual Ride or Device)” means a permit issued by the division confirming the annual inspection has been performed and the individual ride or device meets the rules established by the division for its operation in this state.


“Ride Operator” means a person controlling or causing the amusement ride or amusement device to go and stop and perform its function. A “ride operator” may be the operator’s employee.


“Stop Order” means a written order requiring the specified amusement ride not be operated until required repairs, changes, or alterations are completed to the satisfaction of the inspector.

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