OAR 918-650-0010
Scope and Purpose


OAR chapter 918, division 650 establishes minimum safety standards for the design and construction of recreation parks and organizational camps as authorized in ORS 455.680 (Plan approval and permits for recreation or picnic park or camp).


These rules establish design and construction requirements for recreation parks and organizational camps for the purpose of protecting the life, health, safety and welfare of persons using these facilities.
1- These rules do not apply to parking areas offering access to beaches, marinas, boat ramps, piers, ski areas, rivers, trails and similar facilities, where no recreational vehicle utility connections are provided.
2- The area development permit does not include permits or related fees for buildings, mobile home setups, mechanical, plumbing or electrical systems, boiler, or elevators, or permits required by other agencies.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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