OAR 918-650-0080


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As set forth in ORS 455.680 (Plan approval and permits for recreation or picnic park or camp), the permit issuing authority with respect to the construction of recreation parks and organizational camps is the Division;


Delegation to municipalities. The Division may delegate to any municipality which requests any of the authority, responsibilities and functions of the Division relating to recreational parks, organizational camps and picnic parks as defined in ORS 446.310 (Definitions for ORS 446.310 to 446.350), including but not limited to plan review and sanitation inspections if the Division determined that the municipality is willing and able to carry out the rules of the Division relating to such authority, responsibilities and functions. The Division may review and monitor a municipality’s performance under this subsection. In accordance with 183.310 (Definitions for chapter) to 183.550, the Division may suspend or rescind a delegation under this subsection. If it is determined that a municipality is not carrying out such rules or the delegation is suspended, the unexpended portion of the fees collected under OAR 918-650-0030 (Fees — Expiration — Validation)(4)(a) must be available to the Division for carrying out the authority, responsibility and functions under this section;


Plan Review and Inspection. The building official must perform plan reviews and construction inspections to assure that the construction complies with the approved plans.


Correction Notice for Violations. All deviations from the requirements of the statutes or these rules must be specified in writing and a copy furnished to the permittee. An additional copy of this notice may be posted at the site of work or mailed or delivered to the permittee or the permittee’s agent at the address shown on the permit. The building official may provide information as to the meaning or application of the statutes or rule. Refusal, failure or neglect to correct deviations from the minimum standards specified in the notice of violation within 20 days of receipt or posting of the notice of violation may be considered a separate violation of the statutes or these rules.


Stop Orders. Whenever any work is being done contrary to the provisions of these rules, the building official may order the work stopped by notice in writing served on any person engaged in causing such installation to be made, or by posting a copy thereof at the site of the installation, and thereafter no person may proceed with the work until authorized to do so by the building official.


Suspension or Revocation The building official may, in writing, suspend or revoke a permit issued under these rules, whenever the permit is issued in error or on the basis of incorrect information supplied, or in violation of any rules, regulations or statute.


Right of Entry. Whenever it may be necessary to make an inspection to enforce any provision of these rules, or whenever the building official has reasonable cause to believe that there exists in any building or upon any premises any condition which makes that building or those premises unsafe under these rules, the building official may enter that building or those premises at any reasonable time to inspect them or to perform any duty imposed upon the building official by these rules. If that building or those premises be occupied, the building official must first present proper credentials and demand entry; and if that building or those premises be unoccupied, the building official must first make a reasonable effort to locate the owner or other persons having charge or control of the building or premises and demand entry. If such entry is refused, the building official may have recourse to every remedy provided by law to secure entry.




Any person aggrieved by the final decision of a municipal appeals board or of a subordinate officer of the Division as to the application of any provision of these rules may, within 30 days after the date of the decision, appeal that decision as provided for in ORS 455.690 (Appeal to advisory boards).


Alternate appeals process. A person aggrieved by a decision made by a building official may appeal the decision as specified in ORS 455.475 (Appeal of decision of building official).
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