Rule Rule 943-005-0070
Implementation and Training


OEI shall develop a plan to communicate the Authority’s non-discrimination rules and associated policies and processes to individuals who interact with the Authority, including regular and temporary employees, volunteers, contractors and subcontractors and clients.


OEI shall coordinate the Authority’s civil rights compliance activities.


All Authority employees shall receive training regarding this policy that includes:


Information about where to find these rules and associated policies; and


An opportunity to ask questions and have their questions answered.


OEI shall work collaboratively within the Authority to:


Bring existing processes into compliance with this rule and Authority policy.


Increase uniformity within Authority programs in policy and processes related to civil rights violations and investigations.


Improve identification of civil rights violations.


Ensure uniformity in tracking and compiling data related to civil rights complaints and violations.


Communicate the Authority’s non-discrimination rules, policies, and processes in handbooks and other general information materials to individuals requesting information, or applying for or receiving the benefit of programs, services, or activities.


The Authority shall provide contractors and subcontractors with communication and training materials developed as a part of the implementation of these rules.
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Jul. 13, 2020