OAR 943-060-0050
ORS 190 Agreements


The Authority, when it enters into an agreement under ORS 190.110 (Authority of units of local government and state agencies to cooperate), 190.420 (Authority of public agency to make agreements with public agencies in other states), or 190.485 (Authority of state agency to exercise authority jointly with nation or national agency of other than United States), or an agreement under ORS 190.112 (Agreements with United States to perform security functions) or 660.342, shall post a summary of the agreement on an applicable electronic procurement system within the 30-day period immediately following the effective date of the agreement.


The summary shall include:


Names of the parties to the agreement;


Date of the agreement;


Subject matter of the agreement; and


The agency through which a person may obtain a copy of the agreement.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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