Rule Rule 943-060-0080
Purchases Through Federal Programs


The Authority may purchase goods and services under the federal programs identified in ORS 279A.180 (Purchases through federal programs) without competitive sealed bidding, competitive sealed proposals, or other competition required under ORS 279B.050 (Methods of source selection) to 279B.085 (Special procurements), provided that the Authority has federal authorization to purchase through the program.


To purchase through a federal program, the DPO shall document in the contract file that:


The acquisition meets the Authority’s requirements;


The price and other terms of the acquisition are advantageous to Authority; and


Required preference programs, outlined in OAR 943-060-0090 (Buy Decision)(2)(a)-(d), were considered.


The Authority may add to its contract such contract terms and conditions as required by state statutes or rules if such additions do not conflict with the federal program’s contract terms and conditions, including but not limited to prompt payment requirements, additional commercial terms, and conflict resolution.
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