Initiation of Estate Proceedings

ORS 113.015


The venue for a proceeding seeking the appointment of a personal representative and for a proceeding to probate a will is:


In the county where the decedent had a domicile or where the decedent had a place of abode at the time of death;


In any county where property of the decedent was located at the time of death or is located at the time the proceeding is commenced;


In the county in which the decedent died; or


In the county where a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim, as those terms are defined in ORS 114.441 (Definitions for ORS 114.441 to 114.462), could be maintained.


Filing a proceeding in a county other than specified in subsection (1) of this section does not constitute a jurisdictional defect. [1969 c.591 §81; 2019 c.166 §12]


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