Oregon Civil Forfeiture
ORS 131A.270
Consolidation of actions


A forfeiture action may be consolidated with any other action that relates to the same property or parties on motion by any party in the forfeiture action.


Upon motion by the state or other public body, or any criminal defendant who is also a claimant, a forfeiture action under this section may be consolidated for trial or other resolution with any related criminal proceeding. Trial or other resolution of the forfeiture action shall immediately follow the resolution of the related criminal proceeding, shall be part of the other proceeding and shall be heard by the same trier of fact. Any objection by the defendant to the consolidation, or any motion by the defendant to sever the related criminal case from the forfeiture action, constitutes a waiver of double jeopardy as to the related criminal action and the forfeiture action. [2009 c.78 §35]
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