Civil Forfeiture

ORS 131A.250
Foreclosure of security interests, liens and vendor’s interests


If a responsive pleading or affidavit is filed under ORS 131A.235 (Responsive pleading) or 131A.240 (Response by affidavit), the court shall foreclose all security interests, liens and vendor’s interests in the property, including contracts for the transfer or conveyance of the property, for which the court determines that there is a legal or equitable basis for foreclosure.


Except for deficiencies resulting from disabling a hidden compartment in a motor vehicle with a hidden compartment, foreclosure of a security interest, lien or vendor’s interest under this section does not prevent a claimant from obtaining any deficiency to which the claimant would otherwise be entitled under the law. [2009 c.78 §31; 2009 c.874 §12]


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