Oregon Civil Forfeiture
ORS 131A.300
Judgment forfeiting property generally


A judgment forfeiting property shall recite the basis for the judgment.


After entry of a judgment forfeiting property, the forfeiting agency may transfer good and sufficient title for the property to purchasers and other transferees, and the title shall be recognized by all courts and public bodies. Any public body whose official functions include the issuance of certificates of title or other evidence of title is immune from civil or criminal liability if the issuance is pursuant to a judgment of forfeiture.


If real property is forfeited under a judgment forfeiting property, the forfeiting agency shall warrant the title of the property against constitutional defect. A warranty under this section is limited to the purchase price of the real property.


A forfeiting agency may apply to any circuit court judge for a writ of assistance directing the sheriff of the county to assist the forfeiting agency in seizing property identified in a judgment forfeiting property. [2009 c.78 §37; 2011 c.504 §4]
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