Offenses Against General Welfare and Animals

ORS 167.780
Sale or dispensing of tobacco products or inhalant delivery systems by vending machine


As used in this section and ORS 167.775 (Local regulation of vending machines), “vending machine” means a device that, upon the insertion of tokens, money or another form of payment, dispenses tobacco products or inhalant delivery systems.


A person may not sell or dispense tobacco products or inhalant delivery systems from a vending machine, except in an establishment where the premises are permanently and entirely off-limits to persons under 21 years of age as required by rules adopted by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.


A person who violates this section commits a Class B violation. Each day that the person commits the violation constitutes a separate offense. [Formerly 167.402]
Note: See note under 167.747 (Definitions for ORS 167.750 to 167.785).
Chapter 167

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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