ORS 178.060
Deputy State Treasurer
  • other personnel
  • merit system
  • rules
  • duties of Deputy State Treasurer in event of vacancy in office of State Treasurer


The State Treasurer may employ and appoint a Deputy State Treasurer and may also employ other personnel necessary in the performance of the business and duties of the office and fix their compensation.


The Deputy State Treasurer and other personnel shall be paid out of the State Treasury, and their compensation may not exceed the appropriation of the Legislative Assembly for the compensation.


Except as provided in subsection (4) of this section, ORS chapter 240 does not apply to the office of the State Treasurer.


ORS 240.165 (Cost of operating Personnel Division divided among various agencies of state government), 240.167 (Cost of operating Employment Relations Board divided among various divisions of state government), 240.240 (Application of chapter to unclassified or management service) (3) and 240.321 (Collective bargaining) apply to the office of the State Treasurer.


The State Treasurer shall adopt rules, policies and procedures necessary to establish a system of personnel administration based on merit principles. The system must include provisions for the transfer of accumulated leave with pay between the office of the State Treasurer and other state agencies. For employees who do not serve at the pleasure of the State Treasurer or who are not subject to a collective bargaining agreement, the system must provide standards for discipline and dismissal and a process for appeal of decisions related to discipline and dismissal.


The Deputy State Treasurer and other personnel shall perform such duties as the State Treasurer may direct and shall take an oath to support the Oregon Constitution and faithfully to discharge the duties of their positions.


In the event of a vacancy in the office of State Treasurer:


The Deputy State Treasurer may exercise any of the duties, powers or functions granted to the State Treasurer by the statutory law of this state until the vacancy is filled as provided by law; and


Any duties assigned by the former State Treasurer to the Deputy State Treasurer under subsection (6) of this section prior to the vacancy are retained by the Deputy State Treasurer until modified by a successor in the office of State Treasurer. [Amended by 2005 c.751 §2; 2011 c.68 §1]

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